Science Centre, KidsSTOP™ and Omni-Theatre are closed on 25 June 2018.

The Crane exhibit in KidsSTOP™'s Built Environment is under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Enter the world of defence scientists and engineers and discover how science changes the rules of the game on the battlefield!

Defending Science is a collaboration between DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore.

This exhibition is filled with multimedia exhibits, interactive games and adrenaline-packed workshops.



Strike the plates

The hardness of a material is determined by its resistance to physical alterations when a force is applied. Test the hardness of a material by listening to its pitch after striking it with a mallet. The higher the pitch of the sound, the harder the material!


Hover Ball

When one fan has a higher speed than the other, notice how the ping pong ball moves towards the side with the lower fan-speed. Altering the fan-speed on both sides causes changes in pressure, and hence changes in the position of the ball.