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Be inspired to innovate at Da Vinci, The Exhibition in Science Centre Singapore!

This exhibition is a hands-on examination of da Vinci's life, research and art that features the largest collection of Leonardo da Vinci's discoveries in Southeast Asia.

Guests will learn the complex beginnings and lifetime achievements of Leonardo da Vinci's discoveries in Renaissance paintings, physics, optics and music, military, flight, civil engineering, hydraulics, and more, spread across 10 zones.

The exhibition will send visitors of all ages on a truly exciting and inspiring journey into the past where they will get to know a true "Renaissance Man"!

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Da Vinci Web Image - Mona Lisa

View the largest collection of Da Vinci's inventions

The exhibition features more than 50 fully built, life-size inventions and over 20 fine art studies and dozens of stunning displays.

Da Vinci Web Image - Armored Tank

Innovations in Civil Engineering

The exhibits are done by trained artisans who used Leonardo’s Codices to design and construct Leonardo’s inventions, bringing to life many machines and devices that were designed but never created due to the lack of modern technologies in the 15th Century.

Da Vinci Web Image - Diving Suit

Hydraulics & Flight

Discover the artist’s intricate designs and extraordinary early concepts on modern inventions including the parachute and scuba suit.  

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Be Immersed

Get an in-depth view of Leonardo’s exploration into the world of anatomy including his famous studies on subjects such as the Golden Ratio and The “Vitruvian Man”.

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Enjoy an engaging learning experience through our interactive displays and hands-on activities.