The Bioethics exhibition will be closed on 1 Jul 2019.

Look out for a brand new exhibition coming soon on 20 Jul 2019!

New technologies in the life sciences raise many questions. Explore issues such as genetic modification, organ transplants and cloning.

Society today faces numerous social, legal and ethical decisions regarding the progress of new technologies in life sciences. For example, should we be informed if our food has been genetically modified? Would you want to know if you were genetically designed by your parents? Through this exhibition, explore the issues related to organ transplantation, genetic testing, stem cell therapy and cloning.



Introduction Area

Watch scenarios on kidney transplantation, stem cell therapy and genetic testing and use our touch-screen station to find more information.

Genome Exhibition

Have an animated conversation with Dolly the sheep and a visual clone of yourself. Then tell us what you think about cloning and stem cell research.


Living with Viruses 

Who should get priority attention in a disease outbreak? Learn about research ethics and give us your views on social responsibility.