Immerse yourself in a race to the Moon, 40 years after the historic Apollo landings. Learn about the history of lunar exploration, and the Moon’s resources. 

This award-winning fulldome planetarium show chronicles teams around the world competing for the largest international incentivised prize in history – to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon. To win, teams must land, navigate 500 metres over the lunar surface, and send video, images and data back to Earth. 

The show opens with the first era of space exploration in the late 1960s and early 1970s. We see what that era of landers and orbiters taught us – including the discovery of the Moon’s origin, composition, structure and the accessibility of raw materials on its surface. We see the engineering and innovation steps taken by the international teams, and end with a stunning glimpse of a plausible scenario for our future on the Moon.

See how the competition is ushering in a new era of lunar exploration!