Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions will remain closed until further notice.

1. What is Promenade theatre?

‘Promenade theatre’ refers to how the audience will walk around each scene of the performance, moving between different locations and exhibits at KidsSTOP™. This is an exciting intimate and immersive theatre style that means the audience do not sit down like a traditional theatre show; they walk and interact with the actors throughout the show.


2. Where does the performance happen?

The entire performance happens in KidsSTOP™ at Science Centre Singapore (SCS). It starts at the ‘Train Station’ room and then moves around the KidsSTOP™exhibits. It all happens indoors, so you do not need to worry about hot weather or rain.


3. Where should we assemble upon arrival?

Upon arrival, audience are required to register at our registration counter located in-front of the main KidsSTOP™ entrance inside the building, on the artificial green grass patch. Please present your CATalysts tickets to our staff at the registration counter for admission into the ‘Train Station’.


4. How big is the audience?

Our audience size is kept intimate at just 60 pax per show. This is to allow the audience to view the action clearly, engage with the actors effectively and to safely move around the KidsSTOP™ venue.


5. Why are we wearing headsets?

‘Headsets’ are worn by all audience members including children throughout the entire performance. This is to listen to an original soundtrack and hear the actor’s voices clearly. This is an exciting way to ensure our Catalysts story comes to life in the KidsSTOP™ centre and is heard by everyone watching. Don’t worry, the headsets are wireless, comfortable and will fit small children, and are sterilized after each use.


6. What happens in the ‘hands-on’ workshop?

The workshop is titled, Splashes of Emotions. “Our world is very colourful, even boring colourless liquids can have their own unique colours! Unravel the actual colours of different mystery liquids and see how they represent different emotions.” This workshop is conducted by professional educators from the Science Centre Singapore.


7. How long will the event last?

Performance Duration: 40 minutes

Science Workshop: 20 minutes

Total estimated duration: 1 hour*

*Schools are to arrive 30 minute prior to show time, to use the rest room and get the children to be comfortable with the headsets


8. What will it cost?

We have several tickets on offer depending on your circumstance.

  • Single tickets at $25 per pax
  • Family of four tickets at $22.50 per pax
  • School/Group booking (over 20 tickets) $21.25 per pax

*note all prices may be subject to Sistic booking fees and change


9. What does my ticket include?

Your ticket includes the 40-minute theatre performance produced by Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) and a 20 minute ‘hands on’ science workshop led by KidsSTOP™educators. Please note that the ticket does not include any free play in the KidsSTOP™ centre.


Do note that each CATalysts ticket is entitled to a 20% discount off 1 KidsSTOP™ child ticket (valid from 7th September 2019 to 31st December 2019). Please present your CATalysts ticket at our ticketing counter upon purchase of the KidsSTOP™ child ticket.

Each CATalysts ticket is valid for one-time discount only.


10. How can I book a ticket?

Public patrons can book tickets directly through Sistic at:

For school groups (over 20 pax), please contact Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) directly on 6221 5585 and speak with our friendly sales team.