UNTAME-STEAM Festival Pre-festival

Digital Engagements (For Preschools):

  • Fun with Light (Exclusive to Preschools)
    Poster of STEAM Festival Digital Workshop for Preschools Fun with Light
  • Bite-science for Early Childhood Educators
    STEAM Festival 2021 Bite Science Pre-Event Webinar for Preschool Educators

Digital Engagements (For Public):

  • I Spy ( a science performance for all)

    Join the KidsSTOP™ mascots as they go on a journey in search of the missing glasses and discover fascinating facts about our eyes and optical illusions!

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  • Young Intertidal Explorer by Young Nautilus

    Join two friends from Young Nautilus on an experiential learning journey to Singapore’s very own Changi Beach!

    On this journey, encounter fascinating marine animals that can be found on the shore! Come face-to-face with live marine animals such as sea stars, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs. Through this session, children will have a newfound appreciation for the marine ecosystem and how to conserve it through the three R’s!

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On-site engagements (For Public):

  • Cook and Click (Parent-child workshop)
    STEAM Fest Cook and ClickMore details coming soon!