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    We are excited to share this year’s partners and their activities at STEAM Festival! Look forward to fun STEAM activities and exclusive discounts offered by our partners at the Festival.


    Partner Spotlight Booth (1-Day Only)

    4th Oct: Singapore Repertory Theatre

    In Hare & Tortoise at the Race! Transform the space into your very own stage and become Hare or Tortoise by dressing up in costume! Then follow a SRT staff to explore energetic movement that will prepare you for a race.

    At the end, conclude it all with lights, camera, and action in a dramatic freeze frame!


    Activity 1: Sort the Magic Beans!

    Be our little helpers and help us sort the Magic Beans according to their colour! Did you know that our students with mild intellectual disability also learn to sort Magic Beans in school to train their motor skills?

    Activity 2: Create your Purple Crane!

    Make a Purple Crane to show your support for our friends with special needs! Let us come together and promote the Purple Parade by spreading awareness and celebrating abilities of persons with disabilities.


    5th Oct: Plain as Play by The Makers’ Club (2pm - 5pm)

    Children will be making beeswax food wraps from fabric scraps and food grade beeswax, exploring the wonderful world of sustainability and reducing waste.


    6th Oct: National Parks Board

    Singapore’s forest, mangrove and coastal habitat are amazing places to find letters in the alphabets. Let’s go on an adventure to uncover the hidden ABCs and learn about the amazing biodiversity in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Pulau Ubin and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve!

    The workshop comprises of storytelling, craftwork and mini quizzes to spur children’s interest and love for nature.


    7th Oct: National Library Board

    Our solar system is home to the eight planets. Some are big and small; some are hot and cold. Let’s create our own planets and call it our own.

    Do check out the Mini Molly and pick up some wonderful reads from the bus (7-8 Oct). For every 8 books borrowed, children will get to bring home the following activity sheet and a tote bag.


    8th Oct: Red Balloon Therapy

    How are you feeling today? Join us to create and explore feelings through your own origami house with loved ones!

    This hand-on art making session will enhance children’s social emotional learning and development in areas such as creativity, hand-eye coordination, emotional awareness through self-expression.


    9th Oct: World Scientific 

    Activity 1: See the Seastars!

    Through an introduction of the seastars found on Singapore's shores, children will learn about natural patterning and the beauty of nature. They will be able to recreate these patterns through a 3D seastar activity. 

    Activity 2: Let’s Fight Germs Together!

    Kids will learn about the different kinds of germs around us, as well as the various ways we can protect ourselves effectively. These will be done through a talk, a game and a role-play!


    Partners and Vendors Booths

    Living Space Booths

    1) C2Plus

    Come join this fun DIY activity to create and bring home your very own Personalised Scented Hand Sanitiser with your loved ones! Learn how bacteria and viruses are eliminated with the help of a natural agent, Vi-Kang99, through this hands-on experience.

    2) SGVenusFlyTrap

    You will be on a journey to uncover many mind blowing facts about Carnivorous Plants and get up-close with these plants to observe and even learn to grow one in your home!

    3) Faber-Castell 

    Ever wondered if you could make your pictures move?

    Watch your coloured creations come to life using Augmented Reality on Faber-Castell's Colour To Life App! Simply colour your knight on our colouring sheet, scan it on our app and watch it pop out on your screen in 3D. You can take photos and even play with your coloured knight!


    Inner Space Booths

    1) UHU

    Come join to craft with UHU! Science and Technology is part of our everyday lives, including our daily transport in getting you around. Come colour and craft your very own transportation landscape using our solvent free glue sticks made with 98% natural ingredients!

    2) IDE Academy

    Recreate your favourite holiday decorations by drawing inspiration from nature. Use SCAMPER to brainstorm ideas.

    3) Twin Science

    This activity is about an artistic shape obtained by painting the paper on the rotating module with different colours.


    Outer Space Booths

    1) Hommeet

    Activity 1: Outer Space Exploration Sensory Play

    Sensory bins are a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills. A space theme sensory bin will be set up for the little ones to explore, sense and search. Little hands will be busy pouring, scooping, and transferring while enriching vocabulary and learn about the wonders of infinity and beyond!

    Activity 2: Dramatic Play - Moon Rock Exploration

    The little astronauts will explore the moon rocks like real astronauts. They will do the math by measuring and weighing the moon rocks. They will record their findings on the Moon Rock Research Page at the end of their exploration!

    2) Play-Learn-Box Ltd

    What lies beyond? Explore life in outer space and learn about electrical conductors by creating electrical circuits using play dough and LED bulbs.

    Children will use the play dough, LED bulbs, various craft and colouring materials to create alien life forms. Let imagination and creativity flow!

    After the activity, children will get to share the stories behind their creations with their peers.

    3) Terra Minds

    Learn to code with Robot Dash, and move about to collect space junk and send them to the collection stations.

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