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Join us at our inaugural UNTAME: STEAM Festival 2022, a 6-day event for young learners, parents and early childhood educators. Organised by KidsSTOPTM, this event aims to promote a multidisciplinary approach to learning and recognize the need for crucial 21st century skills among young learners. With the tagline "Spaces to Places", the festival will focus on:

  • Taking ownership of and conferring meaning to various spaces around and within us
  • Driving for innovation and meaningful discovery among young children, while pushing boundaries in the world of experiential learning

In this event, there are 4 zones in which we will be exploring the following sub-themes:

  • Living space
  • Outer space
  • Cyber space
  • Inner space

This event will be an opportunity for you to introduce your products and/or services, as well as to share the joy of learning STEAM with young learners, parents and educators.

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Contact us for enquiries at
6425 0116

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