STEAM Spotlight

Running out of ideas and resources to keep your children entertained while learning? Go full STEAM ahead with these resources/initiatives by our partner preschools and organisations! 

  • STEAM Fables by Republic Polytechnic
  • Seabins, a STEAM Project by MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh
  • STEAM Alive by My First Skool @ 51 Fernvale link
  • Choose Nature by WWF Singapore

    The WWF Choose Nature site hosts a series of curated videos, hands-on activities and virtual sessions to engage the public. Whether you are a young person looking to make the most of your time away from school, a teacher striving to keep things engaging for your students, or a parent looking for ways to make the most of your time with your child - we are here to help!

    For more information, please click on the link below: 

    Click here to view 'Choose Nature by WWF Singapore'.



  • Snail Art by WOW Learning

    Create your very own snail artwork using a variety of materials. Find out more about the gastropods species, its garden habitat and anatomical structure through an inquiry-based approach, supported with learning videos. Learn about elements of art such as colour, line and texture, as well as paper collage techniques in the hands-on activity suggested. 

    Click here for more details!