• Neighbourhood of Tomorrow

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    Let's play our part for sustainability and protect the Earth!

    Neighbourhood of Tomorrow is a collaborative installation project that brings together children from the community to work hand-in-hand to dream up what their future neighbourhood holds. 

    Through preschool and public engagements centred around the theme of sustainability, participants will explore concepts such as recycling and conservation, and be inspired to imagine, construct and contribute to a space using cardboard pieces where Sustainability, Arts and Science come together.

    These creations will amalgamate to form a finale art installation that will be revealed and displayed at STEAM Festival 2022!

    Note: Creations by children will be collected by KidsSTOPTM after the workshop as they will be used as building blocks for the installation.

  • Bite Science Webinar

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    Create a compost and inspire young children on!

    Bite-Science is a free online webinar for early childhood educators and parents under our KEEN & Parent's Pod program. In this episode on "Sustainability", learn ways to teach and encourage sustainability among young children. Through a hands-on activity in the webinar, discover science process skills that children can use while exploring the world around them.

    This session is designed in line with the NEL framework.
    Join us and get 10% off tickets to STEAM Festival 2022!

    Register for the webinar here!

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