KidsSTOP™ Comes to You!

KidsSTOP™ Outreach Programmes aim to spark young children’s interest in learning about STEM concepts in an enjoyable way.


Curated for young children aged 6 and below, each edutainment programme comprises a 15-minute performance and a 30-minute hands-on activity. Young children can encounter and understand STEM concepts through bite-sized sessions of music, drama and play with the founders of KidsSTOP™.


Due to safe distancing measures, both on-site and digital formats of the programme are now available to bring science learning safely into your classroom. Find out more about our digital programme below!

Themes Available


Amazing Cabbage (Chemistry)

A sudden downpour has brought Win and Pepper to a crossroad and led them to The Magic Forest. It is almost sunset and they need to think fast! Which route should they take? Escape The Magic Forest with Win and Pepper as they work together to find the way out while warding off the nasty creatures lurking in it!


At the Hands-on activity segment, children will be exposed to pH indicators and acquire skills such as observing, identifying and predicting.


I Spy with My Eyes (The Human Body)

Pepper’s glasses are broken and her vision is blurred without it! This is made worse when Jo cannot recall where she placed Pepper’s new glasses. Join Pepper and Jo as they go on a journey to search for the missing glasses and discover fascinating facts about our eyes and optical illusions!


At the Hands-on activity segment, children will further their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and acquire skills such as observing and inferencing.

Digital Programme

A. Fully Digital ProgrammeB. Partial Digital Programme


  • Pre-recorded Performance video
    (1-month access) 
  • Hands-on Activity Tutorial video
    (1-month access)
  • Material kit for 60 students mailed to preschool


  • Pre-recorded Performance video
    (1-month access)
  • On-site Hands-on Activity conducted by facilitator/s (customisable according to COVID19 regulations in school) 

How to book

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