Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™ and Omni-Theatre are closed on 4, 18, 25 Feb and 4, 11, 25 Mar 2019.

Come celebrate your child’s birthday with us! KidsSTOP™ is the one and only birthday party venue that offers Science-related themed party packages for children to learn Science in a fun and unique way. 

Party Themes Galore!

Choose from one of the following exciting themes for your precious one's party:

  • Chemistry Artistry

    Enter the party lab and learn about science in the amazing world around us! From sights to lights, the range of activities in this themed party will thrill all ages!

  • Cir-Kids

    Amp up for an electrifying experience! Children will build their own circuits and engage in "de-light-ful" activities as they learn about electricity.

  • Dazzle Razzle

    It’s a glitzy colourful world! Let your children be amazed by dazzling demos that will bring out the rainbow. They will also get to experiment with colours through a variety of hands-on activities and learn captivating science facts along the way.

  • Dinomite Delight

    Travel through time to discover more about dinosaurs. Your little ones will step into the shoes of an explorer and be spellbound with stories and activities about these fascinating creatures. They will certainly gain more knowledge about our ever-evolving earth!

  • Magic Makers

    Zee Zum Baa! Do your kids wonder about the secrets behind magic shows? Are they keen to learn some magic tricks? Hop on for a magical adventure and watch them be enthralled by an array of science-based magical tricks from start to finish!

  • Party Animals

    All animals big and small, here you might get to meet them all! Children will be wowed by the amazing animal kingdom as they take part in different activities to understand animals better and even get up close with some of these cool animals.

Packages include:

  • Science activities hosted by KidsSTOP™’s Science Educator
  • Birthday banner for the birthday child (3 - 8 years old)
  • Free-play time at KidsSTOP™ (entry for children only)
  • Customised gift for the birthday child (3 - 8 years old)
  • Standard invitation cards for guests
  • KidsSTOP™ gift for each child guest

Party time slots

Morning session (1000hrs – 1300hrs)
  • Science Activities: 1030hrs – 1115hrs
  • Birthday Song: 1115hrs – 1130hrs
  • Free Play: 1130hrs – 1300hrs
Afternoon session (1400hrs –  1700hrs)
  • Science Activities: 1430hrs – 1515hrs
  • Birthday Song: 1515hrs – 1530hrs
  • Free Play: 1530hrs – 1700hrs

Party rates

 Number of children Cost*
 Up to 15 children $630
 Up to 20 children $840
 Up to 25 children $1,050
 Up to 30 children $1,260

*Please note:

  • All prices are subjected to 7% GST
  • Each package are inclusive of birthday child
  • Each additional child aged 18 months to 12 years will be charged $45
  • KidsSTOP™ members are entitled to 10% discount off birthday party package rate

How to book

Please view our birthday party brochure for more details. 

Download and complete the birthday party booking form, and send it to

For more information on birthday party packages, please email us at

Calendar of Birthday Party Bookings

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