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As the world becomes more populated, food consumption and wastage seem to be on the rise. While natural resources become scarcer and the earth being polluted, we are faced with challenges in making our lives more sustainable. This STEM theme is designed to bring real-life problems into perspective. It empowers students with knowledge, skills and tools to spark their innovations in creating solutions to remediating our damaged environment. Urban agriculture and waste management are two topics taught under this Urban Design & Innovation STEM theme.


One possible solution on vertical farming.


Urban Agriculture

In the urban agriculture topic, students are taught the concept of farming upwards (vertical farming) and different engineering and technological feats to do so. By considering agriculture in an urban setting, students are exposed to the different engineering capabilities that allow plants to capture maximum sunlight even when blocked by surrounding buildings.

Lessons on advancements in agricultural technologies demonstrate the latest methods allowing plants to grow indoors, producing optimal yield in the absence of soil. This innovative method of farming allows farmers to overcome the issue of land scarcity, which plagues conventional farming.

Waste Management

In the waste management lesson package, it suggests different technologies involved in the sorting and disposal of waste. This package demonstrates how vital STEM is in maintaining a healthy environment and ensuring waste is adequately disposed without causing any environmental pollution. Students are also challenged to design an electronic waste sorter.


A project built under the Smart Waste Sorter STEM module.


Secondary schools offering the Urban Design & Innovation STEM Applied Learning Programme

Find out more about these schools here.

  • Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
  • Gan Eng Seng School
  • Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)

Lessons Outline

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