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Regent Secondary School students' "Remote Operated Vehicle" (ROV)- SeaPerch in competition.


Marine Robotic

With regard to marine robotic programme, it revolves around building of an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This programme showcases the beauty of how Science and Engineering work hand-in-hand. By conducting water sampling and observing habitat, students are exposed to biology and physics through buoyancy and electrical wiring. 

Engineering Design comes into picture when students build their ROVs, picking up skills in ship and submarine design. They are thus exposed to naval architecture, offshore and marine engineering. Other learning points include propulsion, soldering, tool safety principles, electricity circuits and switches, waterproofing and depth measurement.

Watch Kent Ridge Secondary School students building their land robotic gripper in action.


Land Robotic

In the land robotic themed programme, students learn basic robotic engineering and are exposed to the concept of electronic robotic motion control system. Robotic engineering is an essential skill to learn as many industries had incorporated some robotic elements in their work processes. The fun part of this programme is that students get to make simple robots.

mBot Teaching Module

Under the mBot teaching module, students gain hands-on experience in robotics, programming and electronics.


Secondary Schools offering Robotics STEM Applied Learning Programme

Find out more about these schools here.

  • Admiralty Secondary School
  • Beatty Secondary School
  • Chua Chu Kang Secondary School
  • Kent Ridge Secondary School
  • Queensway Secondary School
  • Regent Secondary School
  • St Andrew's Secondary School
  • Woodlands Ring Secondary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Secondary School
  • Yuan Ching Secondary School
  • Yusof Ishak Secondary School


Lessons Outline

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