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The Materials Science STEM Applied Learning Programme demonstrates how Science and Engineering work together in creating solutions to the real-world issues. The lessons are crafted so as to cultivate critical thinking and analytical skills among the students. 

Students explore the various fundamental relationships between structure, properties, processing and the performances of different materials. This is so that new materials may be synthesized and the processes of materials making can be improved. Basically, materials science encompasses broad disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.

And by integrating research, hands-on experiment and education in the lessons, it is to help develop and prepare students to solve real-world problems.


After researching on the materials, students are to make their own shoe soles in class.

In addition, students learn about the different materials such as polymers and sports materials. Particularly, the design and function of a wide variety of athletic balls are explored in class and students will test and analyse the balls’ reactions with different surfaces. Students then design a suitable material for use in a newly invented game.


Students from Pioneer Secondary School testing out the friction on different surfaces against a sports ball.

Some of the class activities are namely, investigating energy absorption, comparing rolling friction and measuring the rebound of sports balls. Furthermore, some of the projects done in class can be designing a mini-golf game or a new sport equipment.


Secondary schools offering the Materials Science STEM Applied Learning Programme

Find out more about these schools here.

  • Boon Lay Secondary School
  • Teck Whye Secondary School
  • Woodgrove Secondary School

Lessons Outline

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