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This program begins with a foundation lesson on Systems Thinking & Analysis. To start off with the system thinking process, students are encouraged to look at the system as a whole, in parts and the interconnectivity of the different parts. One of the hands-on activities is to leave the ladybug toys with the students to observe how the ladybugs’ movements are achieved through the interactions of different component parts.

Northbrooks School - model planes

Northbrooks Secondary School students making their own wooden model planes.


Students sanding the edges of their model planes.

After students gained some system thinking concept, the lesson is followed by some discussions on how airplane wings use Bernoulli's principle to change air pressure to lift the plane. Students will also be exposed to learning the three other acting forces upon aeroplanes, such as the thrust, weight and drag. To further enhance learning, students use computer application to create an aerofoil shape with inputs of a few parameters to simulate its interaction with pressure.

We believe one of the best ways to learn is through play! Now, students get to make paper planes to demonstrate the principles they learnt while they fly their creations and see how far the planes can all fly. The series of lessons will then end with the final project. In the final project, students are tasked with making model airplanes where they will test fly the planes over a simulated landing across an "invisible river".


The excitement of test flying students’ own creations.

Northbrooks-flying planes

See how far the plane can "fly"!


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