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When it comes to design, how many times will the term "Engineering Design" come to most of our minds? While many of us may think about product design, interior design and art design, engineering design plays an integral part of an Engineer’s mind when designing solutions to solve real-world problems.

Henderson Secondary school - F1 in Schools

Henderson Secondary School students design their “F1 in Schools” car aerodynamic shapes and drying out the paint of the balsa wood models.


In this Engineering Design & Modelling Applied Learning Programme, students get to think like an Engineer. In fact, more than an Engineer. For instance, they will have fun integrating art, science, technology and mathematics when designing their own mini "F1 cars". Students apply mathematics by calculating the energy required to power the vehicles. In order to win the car race, they learn the effects of friction, aerodynamics and transmission system on the performance of their model cars. Another instance will be students are given a problem statement for them to use design thinking and 3D modelling software to create solutions.


Secondary schools offering the Engineering Design & Modelling STEM Applied Learning Programme

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Lessons Outline

Access the course outline here: Module 1 - F1 Cars