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In the eHealth Sensors STEM theme, basic biology and human physiology are introduced to students. This is to help them understand current and future health challenges faced by our society. These challenges include heart disease, kidney failure and elderly healthcare.

Students will gain hands-on experience working on electrical components and the coding required for functionality. Students are taught the working principles of underlying components including (and not limited to) resistors, transistors, light emitting diodes (LEDs), buzzers, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and electric motors.


The sweat-cum-wristband produced by East View Secondary School students that measures temperatures and heart rates of users.

The understanding and working knowledge of these components allow students to design their own solutions to healthcare challenges. The challenges may include aids for the visually impaired, devices that provide mental stimulation for the elderly with neurological deficits and a smart, technologically-enabled home for the elderly.


Secondary schools offering the eHealth Sensors STEM Applied Learning Programme

Find out more about these schools here.

  • Christ Church Secondary School
  • Damai Secondary School
  • East View Secondary School
  • Hua Yi Secondary School
  • Nan Chiau High School


Lessons Outline

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