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In the Alternative Energy Applied Learning Programme, students learn about energy conservation, energy conversion and sources of alternative or renewable energy through hands-on activities. They also experiment with biodiesel, energy audit, fuel cells and study solar path to understand the practical aspects related to energy generation and consumption. Students shall also develop a deeper appreciation of renewable energy and its various impact on our environment.

Watch Chong Boon Secondary students racing their solar boat by the end of their Clean Energy applied learning semester.


Some of the hands-on activities include winding up copper wire around housings and magnets to make dynamos. Students will first make wind turbines using recycled water bottles. They then combined the dynamos and wind turbines to make wind power generators. Another activity can be students making solar cars using recycled materials and exploring the power generated by solar panels. With trial and errors and some simple calculations, students can determine conditions that provide for an optimal performance of their cars.

Students from MacPherson and East Spring Secondary Schools hand-made their chemical powered cars ready for a race!



Solar cars created by some Greenview Secondary School students.


Secondary schools offering the Alternative Energy STEM Applied Learning Programme

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Lessons Outline

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