About the Science Centre Singapore's Residency Programme

Science Centre Singapore has a Residency Programme in place for scientists, artists or simply people who have a passion and interest in a specific field and an idea for a project that would contribute to the Science Centre's mission objective of promoting public interest in science and technology.

The resident would be attached to the Centre for a period (the duration to be determined, depending on the nature and extent of the project). During the attachment, the resident would work with the Centre's staff to contribute their expertise in the area(s) of their proposed project: e.g. Exhibit development; Show development; Outreach programmes, etc.

Goals Of The Programme

  • To enrich the knowledge, skill and creativity of the Centre's staff in areas of science and technology in the context of the development of exhibits, shows and programmes for the Science Centre.
  • To develop and implement programmes/exhibits to introduce elements of scientific, educational and artistic merit to the general public.

Examples Of Past Residents

  • Mr Walter Kitundu - sound artist and creative thinker based in San Francisco. Walter created a Light Sensitive Phonoharp exhibit showcasing the integration of past, present and future technologies in the pursuit of new musical expressions.
  • Mr Greg Roberts - interactive designer
    During his residency at the Centre, Greg helped set up the PlayMotion exhibit he had developed. He also conducted workshops and public lectures to share his experience of creating dynamically interactive play spaces of light and sound that respond to a person's movement.

Application for Residency

Interested applicants may fill up the Residency Programme Application Form and also, submit your CV/Portfolio within.

For further enquiries, kindly email Mr Eugene WAMBECK at Eugene_WAMBECK@science.edu.sg 

The committee will assess the submissions and underwrite the costs for the successful applicants on their residency in Science Centre Singapore, which could include airfare, accommodation, expenses as well as the project material costs.