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Description:How is it possible that every action and thought in our human body is controlled by a small organ weighing about 1.5kg? Does the size matter in determining intelligence? Apparently not! The amount of connections in the brain is more critical and we have about 100 billion neurons in our brain that are essential for our memory, daily activities and more. Be amazed by how these connections contribute to the brain’s function and how damage to the network can create life-changing repercussions. 
Objectives:1. Learn different parts of the brain and their function.
2. Participate in brain exercises to appreciate the function of the brain.
3. Understand the role of neural connection in the brain.
4. Observe mouse brain specimen under the microscope.
5. Learn about disorders that are related to the brain.
Mode of Delivery:Practical lab session + Exhibition
Target Audience:Secondary 3 to Secondary 4/5 (Intermediate)
Group size:20 minimum, 40 maximum
Duration:2 hours (1.5 hours lessons + 0.5 hour exhibition)
Time:9.30am or 2.30pm
Course Fee:$7.00 (Admission fee to Science Centre applies to non-member international schools based in Singapore)

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