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Light, being a transverse wave, can assume two distinct polarisation states which are commonly exploited by sunglasses, agricultural/chemical/food science instruments, optical measurement instruments, liquid crystal displays, photographic filters, and many more. In the workshop, students will use linear polarisers, analysers, and optoelectronic equipment to test Malus law, investigate the degree of polarisation of specular reflected light (Brewster angle and Fresnel formulas), and explore the effect of birefringent and optically active (chiral) materials on polarisation.

general wave properties, light (reflection/refraction), oscillations and waves, isomerism (chiral centres, optically active substances)

Delivery Type Hands On Workshop
Level S3, S4, S5, JC1, JC2
Number of Pax 10 to 24
DurationTBC hours
Fees $TBC


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