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The advent of solar cells in 1883 by Charles Fritts was the beginning of the vast advancement of methods to harness the renewable energy as a form of clean energy. In the 1990s, the notion to mimic photosynthesis has led to the development of Organic Solar Cells. This technology replaces chlorophyll in green plants with organic dyes (such as blueberry extract) and uses other electrolytes and catalysts to simulate the internal environment of a leaf. 
In this workshop, students will fabricate and assemble an organic solar cell. Using our homebuilt kit, students will perform characterisation of their solar cell and plot a Power against Voltage graph.

Current of Electricity, Redox Reactions

Delivery Type Hands On Workshop
Level S3, S4, S5, JC1, JC2
Number of Pax 20 to 40
Duration 3.00 hours
Fees $20


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