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Spectroscopy is a class of techniques that investigates how radiation (such as, but not limited to light) is affected by interactions with matter.

Our understanding of the world is largely based on spectroscopy, for example, many chemical elements were first discovered through their spectra, and our knowledge how atoms and molecules are built has been almost entirely derived from spectroscopic observations.

In this non-mathematical workshop, Participants build their own spectroscopes (which they can keep and use for further investigations) and use them to observe spectra of various light sources, culminating in the observation of Fraunhofer spectral lines in daylight. The characteristic properties of different types of spectra (atomic, molecular and solid-state origin) are qualitatively explained.

Syllabus Links: Physics O-Level: Light, Thin lens, Real & virtual images, Electromagnetic spectrum, Physics A-Level: Waves, Superposition (diffraction), Energy levels, Line spectra, Chemistry O-Level: Atomic structure, Covalent bonding, Chemical elements/periodic table, Chemistry A-Level: Atomic structure, Orbitals, Chemical bonding

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Delivery Type Lecture Demonstration
Level S3,S4,JC1,JC2, ITE,Poly
Number of Pax 10 to 40
Duration 3.00 hours
Timing 9.30am, 2.30pm
Fees $30


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