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Darkfield & Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Microscopy are popular techniques to study unstained transparent cells and motile cells. The illumination techniques create good contrast between samples and the background, making fine details more pronounced. Commonly these techniques are used to observe pond organisms e.g. protozoas, algae and mounted cells and tissues such as blood samples. 
Through group exploration and reasoning, participants will understand the principles of light microscopy. The workshop will have students carry out slides preparation and observation of biological samples under dark-field microscopy. Participants will also appreciate the complexity of DIC Microscopy through demonstrations.

Light (Ray diagrams, focal length), Reproduction in Plants (Observing female & Male structures),Trigonometry Ratio

Delivery Type Lecture Demonstration
Level S3, S4, S5
Number of Pax 25 to 40
Duration 3 hours
Fees $15


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