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We rub our hands to keep ourselves warm and turn on air conditioners to cool our room. All of these activities deal with the concepts of heat and temperature. In this workshop, observe what happens to objects when they are heated up or cooled down. Learn about the different methods of heat transfer and how to measure temperature. Finally, compare how different objects conduct heat at different rates. Excite yourself with this hot lesson!

1. Differentiate between heat and temperature.
2. Show an understanding that heat flows from a hotter to a colder object/region/place until both reach the same temperature.
3. Measure temperature using a thermometer
4. Recognise some effects of heat gain/loss in our everyday life

Delivery Type Hands On Workshop
Level P4, P5, P6
Number of Pax 20 to 40
Duration 1.50 hours
Timing 9.30am, 2.30pm
Fees $0


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