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Welcome to the DNA Learning Laboratory!

Students and public can now engage in unraveling the secrets of life at the DNA Learning Lab at Science Centre Singapore. This facility allows students (primary to pre-university levels) and public to keep pace with the DNA revolution and advances in the life sciences. So come along, learn and enjoy the experience!


Workshop fees indicated are for school bookings only 

In addition to the DNA lab programmes offered at Science Centre Singapore, schools can also embark on the Amgen Biotech Experience offered by the DNA lab, in partnership with Amgen. For more information, visit our Amgen Biotech Experience for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced pages.

  • Private school, Overseas school and Corporate group bookings 
    The listed course fees apply only to local MOE schools. Private schools, Overseas schools and all Corporate groups (including locally based corporate groups) can contact Marketing to place their bookings. Kindly note that an additional charge applies per pax on top of the listed course fees, as well as admission rates.

Description:Have you ever wondered why you look like your parents? Eye colour, gender and free or attached earlobes are examples of physical traits that are determined by our genes. How is it possible that one sibling has brown eyes, while the other sibling has blue eyes? To find out about this and more, join us as we observe our physical traits and learn how we inherit them from our parents!
Objectives:1. Understand what physical traits are and how to identify them.
2. Understand the diversity of genetic traits and that every individual has different DNA makeup.
3. Conduct a simple DNA extraction from wheat germ independently.
4. Learn about the sex chromosomes and how it determines the gender of a baby.
5. Understand that some traits are determined by a pair of genes.
Mode of Delivery:Practical lab session
Target Audience:Primary 5 & Primary 6 
Group size:20 minimum, 40 maximum
Duration:2 hours
Time:9.30am or 2.30pm
Course Fee:$7.00 (Admission fee to Science Centre applies to non-member international schools based in Singapore) 

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