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Welcome to the DNA Learning Laboratory!

Students and public can now engage in unraveling the secrets of life at the DNA Learning Lab at Science Centre Singapore. This facility allows students (primary to pre-university levels) and public to keep pace with the DNA revolution and advances in the life sciences. So come along, learn and enjoy the experience!


Workshop fees indicated are for school bookings only 

In addition to the DNA lab programmes offered at Science Centre Singapore, schools can also embark on the Amgen Biotech Experience offered by the DNA lab, in partnership with Amgen. For more information, visit our Amgen Biotech Experience for BeginnersIntermediate or Advanced pages.

Bookings by Singapore-based MOE schools: 

Genetic Engineering and Experiential Learning workshops – please email  For all other classes, schools can book online.

Private school, Overseas school and Corporate group bookings

The listed course fees apply only to local MOE schools. Private schools, Overseas schools and all Corporate groups (including locally based corporate groups) can contact Corporate Sales to place their bookings. Kindly note that an additional charge applies per pax on top of the listed course fees, as well as admission rates.

Description:All scientists follow a procedure known as the scientific method to ensure that their experiments are fair and accurate. In this workshop, students will be guided through the key steps of scientific research methodology. Come experience what scientists do by designing, conducting and presenting your own experiment.
Objectives:1. Learn lab techniques such as micropipetting, bacteria spread plate method, streak plate method and aseptic techniques.
2. Learn and apply the scientific method by designing an experiment.
3. Conduct a self-designed lab experiment.
4. Learn to present and review experiment methodology and results.
Mode of Delivery:Practical lab session
Target Audience:Sec 1 – Sec 4/5 (Content will be adjusted according to the level of the students) 
Group size:16 students (minimum), 24 students (maximum)
Class size is kept small so that there is closer interaction between instructor and students.
Duration:2.5 Days
Time:Day 1-2: 9am – 4.30pm
Day 3: 9am12pm
(Includes lunch break, food not provided)
Course Fee:$99.00 (Admission fee to Science Centre applies to non-member international schools based in Singapore)

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