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Description:Our DNA is a very long molecule which contains important information for all living things. How is this information decoded to give rise to our various traits? Or, how does a seemingly tiny change in DNA results in significant life-changing impacts? Mysterious isn’t it? Well, join us for this fun-filled lecture demo with games and activities to unravel the DNA code! 
Objectives:1. Understand the relationship between cells, chromosomes, DNA, genes and proteins.
2. Learn about the structure of DNA and its importance.
3. Learn how information in DNA is decoded to give rise to various traits through the process of transcription and translation.
4. Understand more about mutations and how they can affect life.
Mode of Delivery:Lecture + Hands-on
Target Audience:Secondary 3 to Secondary 4/5 (Intermediate)
Group size:40 minimum, 80 maximum
Duration:2 hours
Time:9.30am or 2.30pm
Course Fee:$2.00 (Admission fee to Science Centre applies to non-member international schools based in Singapore)

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