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Description:Earth is an amazing place with a whole variety of life forms and cells are the building blocks of these living things. Do you know that while a bacterium is made up of only one cell, a human being is made up of trillions of cells!  Cells are so tiny that about 5000 of them can fit onto the head of a pin and each cell cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, in this lesson we will explore and observe these amazing cells through a microscope and appreciate their significance.
Objectives:1. Understand what cells are and that there is a diversity of cells on earth.
2. Learn about classification of living things.
3. Identify different parts of the compound microscope and know their functions.
4. Prepare sample slides using simple staining methods and view them under the microscope.
5. Understand the application of using microscope to identify microorganisms or cells.
Mode of Delivery:Practical lab session
Target Audience:Primary 5 & Primary 6 
Group size:20 minimum, 40 maximum
Duration:2 hours
Time:9.30am or 2.30pm
Course Fee:$8.00 (Admission fee to Science Centre applies to non-member international schools based in Singapore) 

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