Please note that the Science Centre exhibitions will be closed on all Mondays except school and public holidays. Lab lessons for schools will continue as per normal on closure days. We thank you for your understanding.


Do you want to learn how to build an air rocket? Join us in this hands-on workshop and learn how to build your own rockets, using only commonly available materials! Learn about the physics behind rocket science, and about the engineering principles for a good rocket design. The exciting world of air rockets awaits you!

1. Identify a force as a push or a pull.
2. Show an understanding of the effects of a force.
3. Recognise that different shapes of objects have different effects on forces acting on the object. 
4. Investigate the effect of design and forces on the motion of objects and communicate findings.

Delivery Type Hands On Workshop
Level P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, S1, S2
Number of Pax 20 to 40
Duration 1.50 hours
Timing 9.30am, 2.30pm
Fees $0


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