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Get introduced to the wonders of the universe in a tour of the night sky at Science Centre Observatory. Each tour will precede with a 30-min talk or planetarium show. There are 12 topics to choose from for the introductory talk to complement the tour.

Time Programme A @ Science Centre Observatory Programme B @ Science Centre Observatory Programme C
(@ venue of your choice)
7.30pm Astronomy 101 talk (7.45pm) Introduction / Briefing Introduction to Astronomy
8pm Guided stargazing Guided stargazing / Planetarium show Guided stargazing
9.30pm Programme ends


List of Astronomy 101 talks

I. Introduction to Astronomy: What are we looking at?
II. Anatomy of a Telescope
III. Birth and Death of Stars
IV. Constellations in Singapore’s Night Sky 
V. Constellations & Chinese folklore
VI. Eclipses
VII. Fly Me to the Moon
VIII. Gas Giants
IX. Lord of the Rings
X. Meteor showers
XI. My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas 
XII. Space Junk

Programme fee:

Number of participants Programme A Programme B Programme C
40 to 60 $13.40 per student $24 per student $19 per student (max. 80 students)

Fees are inclusive of 7% GST.

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*For small groups, please consider joining our public sessions if you would like to come on Friday or school holidays.

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