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Amgen Biotech Experience


The Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) is an innovative science education programme that introduces secondary and tertiary students to the excitement of scientific discovery.

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ABE Express: Genetic Engineering Advance

Description:Have you wondered how human insulin is produced in the lab? This is done by genetically engineering bacteria to produce insulin. Since its innovation in 1973, genetic engineering has been applied in many fields such as producing genetically modified food, genetic treatments and medicines. Come and have a first-hand experience of conducting these authentic biotechnological experiments used by researchers around the world!
Objectives:1. Learn how genetic engineering can be used to treat genetic diseases such as diabetes.  
2. Learn micropipetting techniques. 
3. Perform digestion of DNA with restriction enzymes and ligation of desired vectors. 
4. Conduct bacteria transformation using the heat shock method. 
5. Perform colony polymerase chain reaction to amplify DNA. # 
6. Understand how DNA is analysed through a technique known as agarose gel electrophoresis. # 
7. Purify a protein product using column chromatography. #
8. Learn more about the applications of genetic engineering. 
9. Explore different perspectives on the effect of genetic engineering. 
* Also available as a 1-day workshop upon request. Items with # will not be covered for 1-day workshop.
Target Audience:JC1- JC2/ tertiary level
Duration:2 days, 9.30am – 4.00pm  (Includes lunch break, food not provided)
Course Fee:$35.00 (Inclusive of GST) 


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