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Have you ever wondered what it takes to go to the outer space? Or maybe you want to learn how to fly a rocket and land it on the moon? Well, with Kerbal Space Program, you CAN! In this workshop, you will learn about basic orbital mechanics and use it to fly and land your rocket on the Mun! It s not exactly rocket science, but it s really close!

1. Describe the ways in which forces may change the motion of a spacecraft (thrust, drag, weight)
2. Understand basic control of spacecraft (pitch, yaw, roll)
3. Understand basic orbital mechanics (apoapsis, periapsis, prograde, retrograde)
4. Launch a spacecraft into stable orbit
5. Complete a moon landing challenge (optional)

Delivery Type Hands On Workshop
Level S3, S4, S5, JC1, JC2
Number of Pax 20 to 40
Duration 2.00 hours
Timing 9.30am, 2.30pm
Fees $0


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