UNTAME Schools 2023

Calling all teachers! Back for its fourth year, UNTAME Schools 2023 is packed with activities suitable for all your students.

In this three-part post-exam programme, we will be taking the students on a journey on the Revolution of Food. Students will learn how people used to obtain food, and how the rise in population and advancement in technology led to the designing and building of machines for mass production of food. Additionally, we will cover the thought-provoking topic of 'The Future of Food' where students will learn how our diet may potentially evolve.

Contact & Booking:

To register your interest for UNTAME Schools 2023, kindly scan the QR code in the poster above or visit https://for.edu.sg/untame-schools-interest.

For enquiries, you may contact Ms Er Ya Qin at er_ya_qin@science.edu.sg , or Ms Nur Amalina Rahmat at nur_amalina_rahmat@science.edu.sg.