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Frequently Asked Questions

Science Centre Singapore


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A. Admission Fees

1. Why is Science Centre Singapore changing its admission fees for local residents?

Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) have decided to reduce admission rates to the Science Centre, to bring the world of creative and experiential learning closer to Singaporeans.

The lower admission fees is SCS’s way of giving back to the community and we hope that it will  allow more residents to benefit from the various attractions and programmes that are designed to educate and ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

2. Will the revised fees apply to the New Science Centre when it is launched?

Admission fees for the New Science Centre will be determined later, when the centre has been developed.

3. What/How much is the reduction in admission fees?

Singaporeans and PR visitors – including local school groups – to SCS will enjoy free admission during off-peak periods. During peak periods, children and adults can enjoy a lower rate of S$4 and S$6 respectively. Local school groups will be allowed free entry during peak periods as well as for the various workshops/programmes running at SCS during the weekends.

4. When will the new admission fees take effect?

The new admission fees for SCS will take effect on 1 April, 2015.

5. Apart from KidsSTOP, does SCS intend to reduce admission fees for any other attractions, e.g. Omni-Theatre or Snow City?

The revision in admission fees only apply to General Admission to Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and KidsSTOP. The other attractions are self-funding entities or special exhibitions/attractions that have been set up with commercial partners.

SCS’s objective behind the fee reduction is to bring creative and experiential learning of science closer to Singaporeans. On that mission, we are also in the process of enhancing the immersive learning experiences at the other attractions like the Snow City and Omni Theatre to deliver greater value to our visitors.

6. What is the scope of ‘Local School Groups’? Does this apply only to Primary and Secondary Schools as was previously done?

With increased participation in SCS’s activities from students of all levels, Local School Groups will now encompass all student groups from local publicly-funded MOE schools from pre-school to tertiary level.

In addition to kindergartens and childcare centres, the local publicly-funded institutions under the ‘Local School Groups’ category will include:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Integrated Programme Schools
  • Specialised Independent schools (e.g. NUS High, S’pore Sports School)
  • Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute
  • Special Education Schools (SPED Schools)
  • ITE
  • Polytechnics
  • Public Universities

7. Will there be any concessions for International School Groups?

We will continue our Associate Membership for International Student groups and they can enjoy free admission using this membership.

8. I have further queries on these new admission fees. Is there anyone I can contact to address this?

Please contact us at 6425 2500 or email us at should you have any queries about SCS’s revised admission rates.

B. Membership

9. I am currently on an Individual/Family membership with Science Centre Singapore. Since admission fees have been significantly lowered or even complimentary, my membership does not entail me to any special benefits. Would I receive any compensation for this?

We have put together a package for members whose benefits would be affected by the revised admission rates. Members who are affected or have further queries can contact our Membership Hotline at 6425 2107/ 6425 2571 or email us at

10. My School/Institution has purchased an Institutional Membership. Since admission is now free on weekend, the membership thus becomes obsolete. Will I be compensated in any way?

We have put together a package for our school/institution members who are affected by the revised admission fees. Members who are affected or have further queries can contact our Membership Hotline at 6425 2107/ 6425 2571 or email us at Back To Top