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Frequently Asked Questions

Science Centre Singapore


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Admission Rates

1. Why are Science Centre Singapore and KidsSTOP changing their admission fees for Singaporeans?

Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) have decided to reduce admission fees to SCS to bring the world of creative and experiential learning closer to Singaporeans. The lower admission fees is SCS’s way of giving back to the community and we hope it will allow more residents to benefit from the various attractions and programmes that are designed to educate and ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

KidsSTOPTM, being a gated attraction under SCS, will similarly adopt reduced admission fees and we hope to engage even more children from pre-school to lower primary levels and expose them to science in their formative years.

2. What/How much is the reduction in admission fees?

Please refer to our admission charges page for the revised admission fees for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Standard admission fees will apply for the various pass holders and overseas visitors.

3. When will the new admission fees take effect?

 The new admission fes for SCS and KidsSTOPTM will take effect on 1 April 2015.

4. Should I require any further information, who should I contact?

You may send us an email at or contact our hotline at 6425 2500.

5. I would like to be kept informed on the latest news about KidsSTOP.  How do I go about it?

You may subscribe to KidsSTOP’s newsletter by clicking on “Mailing List” at the blue semi-circle at the top right corner of our website at


6. Will the price revision affect my membership benefits?

Members will still enjoy the 30% discount off member rates (applicable to both rates- Singaporean/PR or Other Residents) and one adult admission fee till the membership expiry date.

7. I have just purchased my membership before 31 March. Can I still use my complimentary tickets?

Yes, members who purchased their membership before 31 March are welcome to use their complimentary tickets.

8. Will there be any change in the current membership scheme?

There will be no change in the current membership scheme.  However, we will not be accepting any new members under the present membership scheme. We are currently in the process of developing a new membership scheme according to the revised rates and will announce this in the near future. 

9.   I have further questions pertaining to membership issues. Is there a hotline or contact point to address this?

You may send us an email at or contact our membership hotline at 6425 2324 / 6425 2500.

School Programmes

10. With the change in admission fees for non-Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and local school groups, will the charges for International Schools be affected?

 The fee for International School groups will remain at $12 per student.

11. Will there be any changes in the fee for enrichment programmes?

The fee will remain at $6 per student.

Birthday Packages 

12. With the revision in admission fees, will there be a reduction in package price?

Our new birthday party packages are designed with the new admission fees incorporated.  Hence, there will not be any further reduction in package price.