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Questa Club


New Updates!  

We are now open for Questa cards submission for all schools!

Date for last submission
15 September 2016, before 6pm

How to submit your Questa Cards
You can submit your card by dropping the cards off at our Visitor Centre in Science Centre Singapore or postage to the following address:

Mrs Sharma
Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road,
Singapore 608091

What to do before you send the Questa cards
Please fill in both cover form and cards submission form and attached it to the cards before submission. You can download these forms here.

Who do you contact with questions about Questa?
If you have any questions about Questa, please feel free to contact:
Direct line: Savita Sharma at 6425 2517 or Susan Lim at 6425 2516.


What is Questa?

Questa is a Secondary Science Club exclusively for secondary students who want to learn more about science and would like to be involved in scientific activities. "Questa" is a latin word, meaning, a search made in order to achieve something. This name describes the search a student has to make for information in order to earn a badge. Questa also symbolises the never-ending quest for knowledge which is a scientist's outstanding feature.

Questa Club aims to stimulate interest in science among students encourage students to work independently in areas of interest in science/mathematics, and provide opportunities for students to develop initiative and creativity.

Who are the organisers of Questa?

Questa Club is organised by the Science Centre Singapore, the Science Teachers Association of Singapore, the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science and the Singapore National Academy of Science.

How do you join?

You need to purchase a Questa Activity Card
and complete enough activities to earn the required number of  . The good news is that projects and research papers prepared as part of the LSS (Lower Secondary Science) qualifies you for 5  automatically! So if you have completed a research project as part of your school work, you would have earned half the required number of for a Silver Questa badge!!

Each completed activity listed in the card must be certified by your Science/Mathematics Teacher or Chairman of a Science/Mathematics society in your school.

Once you have earned the required number of 's, submit the card to the teacher-in-charge of Questa in your school. Your teacher will then submit the card to the Science Centre Singapore for authorisation.

The Questa Club Activity Card has been revised to give recognition to internet-related projects such as the setting-up of science and technology related websites, and the maintenance of such websites.

When do you submit the completed cards?

An Award Presentation Ceremony is held annually in August/September. Completed cards submitted to the Singapore Science Centre between 17 Aug and 28 Aug 2015, would qualify the students for the Award Presentation Ceremony. The collection of Questa Club Badges is between 5 Oct and 16 Oct 2015.

The Singapore Science Centre would write to all schools requesting for the submission of completed cards by July each year.

Must I complete the Questa Card within a certain period?

The activity card can be completed and submitted at any time while you are still in secondary school. Preferably, however, you should try to complete the activities within a 2-year period.

How many types of Questa Badges are there?

You may qualify for either a Silver or
Gold Questa Badge. Ten  qualify you for a Silver Badge and Twenty, a Gold. A student who has earned a Silver Badge
can go on to earn a Gold. In this case, a new card with

10 additional  must

be submitted together with either the first Activity card or the certificate awarded for the Silver badge.


How much does a Questa Card cost and where can I buy the cards?

A Questa Activity Card coasts $3.00 each. The cards may be purchased from:

  • For walk-in purchase, kindly approach any of our friendly staff from the Curiosity Shop at Science Centre Singapore.
  • For bulk purchase, orders can be made through Science Centre Singapore. Kindly call 6425 2557 or email to
    * All prices quoted are subject to GST.

Who do you contact with questions about Questa?

If you have any questions about Questa, please feel free to contact email: You may also wish to contact Savita Sharma at 6425 2517 or Susan Lim at 6425 2516.

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