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Primary Gallery Pathways


Name of Pathway Topics Recommended Levels
Ecogarden Tour Diversity of Living Things:
Plants and Insects
Plant Systems and its Uses:
Tree Varieties, Culinary Garden, Economic Crops
Interactions within the Environment:
Pond, Garden, Tree, Leaf Litter
P3, P4, P5, P6
Defending Science Interaction of Forces, Energy Forms and its Uses (Heat and Temperature), Materials P4, P5, P6
Fire History of Fire, Substances Required for Combustion, Equipment Used to Make Fire, Chemical Potential Energy of Different Fuels P4, P5, P6
Science@Work (Applications of Science) Diversity of Materials: Hardness, Chemical Composition
Interactions within the Environment: Energy conservation through innovations and inventions
Medical Technologies, Studying Geological Samples, Technological Advancement in Earth Research
P4, P5, P6
Earth - Our Untamed Planet History of Earth, Forces of Nature, Geological Samples, Technological Advancements in Earth Research P5, P6
Climate Change Climate Challenge Interactions within the Environment:
Water cycle, Man’s Carbon Footprint, Climate Change and its Impact on the Environment, Smart Energy
P5, P6
Mathematics Explorer Numbers and the Four Operations:
Tens, Hundreds, Thousands
Length, Area, Volume, Weight (Conversion of Units)
P5, P6
Maths Carnival
(available from March onwards)
Algebraic Manipulation, Graphs, Symmetry, Tessellations, Polygons P5, P6

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