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New Announcements  


In this camp, participants will be heavily involved in building an X-Y robot arm from scratch by learning about and using its constituent components. Participants will also be taught programming languages used on two very popular platforms - the Arduino Uno and the Raspberry Pi to control the self-assembled robot arm.
The last segment of the workshop will see participants learn about and use basic computer vision routines to detect objects of various sizes. An industry partner in robot arm automation will give participants insights into the industry during a lunch time talk.
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New Student Workshops (available for school booking)

Workshop 1: Electromagnetism

Workshop 2: Microcontroller for Beginners (Scratch)

Workshop 3: Organic Solar Cell

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New Programme Booklet for 2017

CRADLΣ’s programme booklet for 2017 is now available on our website.
Hardcopies of the programme booklet have been mailed out to your schools.
We look forward to an exciting year ahead  

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