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Young Learners' Festival 

Dates & Timings: 25 Sep - 6 Oct 2017 (School Groups), 9.30am - 5pm
6 Oct 2017 (Public), 2pm - 5pm
7 - 8 Oct 2017 (Public), 10am - 5pm
Venue: The Annex, Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore is proud to present to you the latest edition of Young Learners’ Festival! From 25th September – 6th October 2017, we have lined up a series of fun and educational activities at the Science Centre especially for your students!

This year’s theme is “I Like to… Move It!” and your students will be given the opportunity to participate in exciting hands-on activities and bring back their own hand made souvenirs. In addition, students will be entertained by a fascinating Science show.

Please refer to the brochure for a detailed description of the activities. The first 5,000 participants will receive an additional mystery gift!    

For pre-schools, download the booking form here.
For primary schools, download the booking form here.

Click here to view the brochure.


Cool Gliders

Up for a fun tinkering challenge?
Come join us and learn about flight science through interactive and hands-on activities! Using simple materials like straws, paper and cardboard, children experiment with different ways to create amazing gliders that fly really well!

Curious Casey Travels

Join us for an adventure as we take you on a journey through time and find out how people get from place to place. Marvel as we unravel how transportation has transformed over the years!

Float Your Paper Boat

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…. Boats are a useful form of transportation on water. Find out how we can make a paper boat float on water without getting wet!

Ships of the Desert

Transports are fabulous inventions that help people to travel from one place to another easily. Come, explore the different modes of transport and learn about a type of transport that humans use in the desert – camels! Find out what makes camels such good animals for transport in the desert. You also get to create your very own camel craft!

Click on the poster for a bigger version.

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