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Science Days @ Science Centre


Looking for unique orientation programmes or post exam activities? Look no further, for you can join us for an unforgettable experience with Science Days @ Science Centre! Choose from a catalogue of interactive, hands-on and engaging workshops, gallery trails and science shows to customise your Science Day and rest assured that no matter what you choose, your students will be fascinated by all the activities that we have to offer! Please contact us directly to work out the best possible programme for your students!


Practical Lab Sessions, Gallery Pathways with Science Shows

Topics Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Technology and Creativity
Target Audience Primary, Secondary, JC, Polytechnics & ITE
Duration Half day to Full Day
Time 9.30am or 2.30pm
Capacity Min. 120, Max. 320
Cost Depending on Programmes


Example of Proposed Programmes

9.30am Hands-on workshops (2 hours)
11.30am Break (15 min)
11.45am Science Show (30 min)
12.15pm  Gallery Trail (45 min)

 Please contact for further details and to book a science day.