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Dinosaurs-Live! Exhibition 


Dinosaur Exhibition: 21 October 2011 - 26 February 2012

Recommended duration: 2 hours

Target Group: Pre-School - Tertiary Level

Exclusive! - Teacher's Preview (Primary - Tertiary Level)


We would like to invite your teachers to an exclusive Teachers’ Preview of the exhibition.
Details of the Preview are below:


Date: 20 October 2011 or 4 November 2011
Time: 3 pm
Venue: Science Centre
Programme for the Day:

2.30pm - Registration and light refreshments

3.00pm - Welcome and introduction to Dinosaurs' Live Exhibition

3.20pm - Introduction of Dinosaurs' Live Education Programmes

4.00pm - Dinosaurs' Live Exhibition Preview

               - Q&A

5.00pm - IMAX Movie Screening @ Omni-Theatre - Flying Monster (Optional)

RSVP: By 14 October 2011 (for the 20 October Preview)

             By 28 October 2011 (for the 4 November Preview)


Click here to download the teacher's preview reply slip. Kindly fax the slip to Education Programmes Division (6561 6361) or email by 10 October 2011.


Exhibition Description

This exhibition is the largest dinosaur exhibition in Singapore, showcasing close to 50 dinosaurs and their environments. Visitors will be enthralled by the impressive life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that can move their bodies, eyes and tongues. This exhibition includes well-researched educational information on the place of discovery, period of existence, anatomical characteristics, food patterns and scientific discoveries about the evolution and habitats of each dinosaur. Students will be given a 15 minute briefing and trail booklet to guide them through the exhibition.

*To enhance the educational experience of the exhibition, it is strongly recommended that the exhibition is accompanied by one of our education programmes below.

Click here to view the learning objectives of the Exhibition and Programmes and their links to the school curriculum.  


Admission fee* (Science Centre and Dinosaurs-Live! Exhibition) Less than 20 students 20 students and above+

$ 18 (student)

$ 20 (teacher)

$ 10 (student)

$ 16 (teacher)


$ 21 (student)

$ 23 (teacher)

$ 14 (student)

$ 18 (teacher)

*Admission fee does not include lesson fee.

+ Free admission for 2 accompanying teachers per group of 20 students


Description No one has invented a time machine yet; hence it is impossible for us to return to the past to study dinosaurs. So how did palaeontologists find out so much about how dinosaurs looked like and when they existed, just from examining bones, fossils or imprints? In this lesson, students will learn how palaeontologists determine when dinosaurs existed by studying radioactive particles found in fossils. They will also learn how palaeontologists determine the length of a dinosaur’s leg and how fast it moved from its footprints. Join us on this journey of discovery as we enter the amazing world of dinosaurs!.
Topics Covered* Half-life and radioactive decay; Ratio and proportions; Speed; Adaptations; Anatomy; Evolution
Mode of Teaching Lecture Demonstration
Duration of Lesson 1 hour (excluding exhibition)
Cost of Lesson Free
Capacity  40 (minimum) - 200 (maximum)
Target Group Upper Primary - Tertiary Level
(Content will be adjusted according to the level of the students)

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Description 3D photography is an emerging technology for capturing richly detailed models of objects in the real world. So simple is the trick that, with a little effort, anybody with a camera, a computer equipped with photo-editing software and a pair of tinted glasses can make his or her own 3-D pictures of dinosaurs, pets, family members and friends or anything else worth placing in front of a lens. In this workshop students will learn how to take a good photograph of dinosaur miniature models with any camera and learn the techniques of creating 3D photos. Students will also get a chance to create their very own 3D photos and glasses. Learn innovative ways on how to make the pictures look interesting ... in 3D!
Topics Covered Light (colours); How to take great pictures on landscape, macro and animal photography; 3D photography and 3D editing software; DIY (do it yourself) 3D glass; Guideline on Stereoscopy – Anaglyph and Stereoscope.
Mode of Teaching Hands-on activities
Duration of Lesson 1 hour (excluding exhibition)
Cost of Lesson $5
Capacity  20 (minimum) - 40 (maximum)
Target Group Upper Primary - Tertiary Level
(Content will be adjusted according to the level of the students)
Note Camera & 3D glasses provided. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their personal camera.

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(Available only from 24 Oct - 18 Nov)
Description How did palaeontologists find out so much about dinosaurs just from preserved imprints in the ground? Why do we think dinosaurs look the way they do? Some of them have horns, spikes, huge bodies, long necks etc. What is the purpose of all these parts of the dinosaurs? Get all these questions answered and more! Students will get to be palaeontologists and make edible dinosaur candy ‘casts’!
Topics Covered Introduction to Palaeontology; Dinosaur biodiversity and adaptations.
Mode of Teaching Hands-on activities
Duration of Lesson 1 hour (excluding exhibition)
Cost of Lesson $3
Capacity  20 (minimum) - 40 (maximum)
Target Group Upper Primary - Secondary Level
Venue Kitchen Lab

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Programme Booking

Click here to access the softcopy of the list of education programmes detailed above as well as the booking form. Kindly fill in the details and send it to the Education Programmes Division (Fax: 6561 6361). You will be notified of the status of your booking. For booking enquiries, please contact 6425 2525/6 or email For programme enquiries, please contact Charissa at 6425 2789 or email