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About Us

Opened in 2012, the Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science (CRADLΣ) is a teaching and R&D hub at the Science Centre Singapore, equipped with research labs and interaction spaces for the purpose of nurturing students to have the attitude and aptitude in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The motivation behind CRADLΣ is the belief that understanding science requires more than memorising textbook knowledge. Hands-on experimentation results in experiences that lead to intuitive understanding and develop the practical skills needed to do research, which is why CRADLΣ workshops are designed to be hands-on to stimulate scientific inquiry and develop the student’s 21st century core competencies.

We provide support to student projects in multiple ways, such as through our Innovation and Research Programmes, CRADLΣ prototyping and fabrication facilities and our Work Experience Programme (WEP).

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