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Amgen Biotech Experience




The Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) is an innovative science education programme that introduces secondary and tertiary students to the excitement of scientific discovery. ABE provides secondary and tertiary teachers with the loan of research-grade equipment, supplies, curriculum and professional development.

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There are 6 labs involved for students to appreciate the genetic engineering process and its use in biotechnology and drug discovery.

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Teacher Professional Development Workshop

The teacher workshops aim to empower the teachers to bring biotechnology into their classroom.

During the teachers’ workshop, teachers and lab officers will:

  • Understand the ABE curriculum and resources available
  • Learn how to implement the ABE programme in their school
  • Conduct experiments involved in the ABE programme and learn how to teach the Science concepts
  • Learn how to use and maintain the equipment on loan from Science Centre
  • Learn how to prepare the materials required
  • Upcoming Teacher Workshops

    7 September 2017
    9am – 6pm
    Labs covered: Labs 1 – 6

    To register, please complete the registration form


    Student Workshops

    The student workshops can be implemented by a number of ways:

    1. Teachers will borrow the kits and conduct the programme on their own in school
    2. Science educator from Science Centre will conduct the programme in the school
    3. Science educator from Science Centre will conduct the programme at Science Centre


    New Schools Interested to Join the Programme

    Click here for more information about how to implement the ABE programme in your school and FAQ on the programme.


    Contact Details

    For enquiries, please email or contact:

    Charissa Lin
    Manager, Life Sciences
    Tel: 6425 2789