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The Science Centre's efforts to inspire people with science and technology reach far beyond the walls of our building, and our publications form a major part of this outreach.


Science Spy in collaboration with Singapore Scientist

The Singapore Scientist will be merging Science Spy this July to bring you an all new magazine! The collaboration between Marshall Cavendish Education and Science Centre Singapore  features a wide range of Science articles and activities to stimulate interest, engage pupils and extend learning beyond the classroom. It also aims to bring quality Science content for our readers as well as the latest updates of events and exhibitions in the Science Centre Singapore. 



The publication of the Science Centre Guidebook series was originally intended to address a lack of educational materials on the local flora and fauna. Since then, however, the extensive range of guides has become well appreciated by many nature enthusiasts and the interested public. Each guidebook is approximately 160 pages in length and contains a wealth of information, accompanied by many colourful photographs. The books come in a compact, pocket-sized format and are intended for a wide readership, from the serious-minded science teachers and students to the casual nature lovers. A total of 48 guidebooks have been published to date, the latest one being, A Guide to the Exotic Palms of Singapore.  


Invent: It's in You

There is an inventor in all of us, and Invent: It's in you is meant to wake up that cretive spirit in the reader. A collection of thoughts and practical tips for inventors, this book may well inspire some new solutions to problems big and small. 


A Sky Book for the Tropics

"A Sky Book for the Tropics" is an ideal reference for beginners in astronomy as it was written specially for those living in Singapore and around the region. It is filled with interesting & intriguing explanations, illustrations, projects, starmaps and listings of astronomical events that we can look forward to in this region.


Ecogarden Nature Explorer

Be an Ecogarden Nature Explorer for a day and find out about healing plants, vegetable beds, fruit trees, rubber trees and lots more. The Ecogarden Nature Explorer Activity Booklet is available at the Curiosity Shop for $2.

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