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LeafMark Making

Materials Required

leafmark making tools

  1. Fallen leaf or leaves (Try Rubber, Rain Tree, Angsana, Durian or Cocoa leaves)
  2. Ribbon (about 25cm)
  3. Transparent plastic bag (You can make your own from transparent plastic wrapper. Seal three sides with glue or tape, leaving one side unsealed for inserting the leaf)
  4. Permanent ink marker
  5. Small basin
  6. paper towels
  7. Food colouring
  8. Paper punch
  9. Stiff paint brush
  10. Household bleach

LeafMark in the Making

leafmark making step 1 Clean the leaf thoroughly to remove dirt. Soak it in a strong solution of bleach till it turns white. Caution: Strong household bleach is corrosive. Please avoid direct contact with your fingers or skin.
leafmark making step 2 Rinse the leaf and gently remove the soft tissue with a paint brush.
leafmarking step 3 Rinse and blot dry between paper towels.
leafmarking step 4 Pour the food colouring of your choice into a small basin. Dip the leaf skeleton in it. Remove and dry between paper towels.
leafmarking step 5 Insert the dyed leaf skeleton into the transparent plastic bag. Use a paper punch to make a hole on the unsealed side of the bag.
leafmarking step 6 Put a ribbon through the hole and secure neatly. Label the leaf by writing its common or scientific name on the plastic bag with a marker.
leafmarking step 7 And there you have it, you very own unique "leafmark"!