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"Let's Explore" Kits

Children learn better when they perform the experiments themselves and witness the cause and effect first-hand. Our array of “Let’s Explore” Kits put the fun in learning and let children carry out these exciting experiments at home or in school together with family, teachers and friends. These kits are tailored to MOE Science Syllabus to assist students in their learning of Science.

There are 3 exciting “Let’s Explore” kits to the series, namely Magnetism, Electricity and Chemistry. The kits adopt the inquiry-based approach to learning Science, an approach that is central to the Singapore Science curriculum framework.

Accompanying each kit is a well illustrated Young Science Explorer Guidebook designed with step-by step information to help the student carry out the experiments. Parents and teachers can help facilitate the experiments at ease with the support of the Facilitator’s Guide.

Kindly note that the images of the kits below are for illustration purposes only.  


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Air Kit


Air is invisible, but it still is all around us! It serves many purposes in life. Air keeps fire burning, while moving air powers windmills. Learn the importance of air and its functions with the new ‘Let’s Explore’ Air Kit.



Simple Machine Kit


A simple machine is an equipment that changes the direction as well as the strength of the force. Learn how different machine can help you expand your force through pushing or pulling. Explore the activities in this kit to find out how this is possible.



Electricity Kit

Learning the concepts on Electricity can be baffling! This kit guides a child to understand electric circuits and what affect the current flow. The guided inquiry helps the child learn independently at his own pace, in a fun and challenging way.





Magnetism Kit

This kit enhances the child’s understanding of magnetism and the properties of magnets. The guided inquiry helps the child make sense of how magnets behave and their interaction with other materials. The exploration is progressive, fun and challenging.



Chemistry Kit

The Chemistry Kit is a valuable learning tool for children. It begins with the simple exploration of materials to more complex concepts like mass, volume, density, mixtures, solubility, crystallisation, as well as acidity and alkalinity. The user is guided through each of the explorations, with probing questions accompanied with interesting fun facts and real-life applications.


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“Let’s Explore” My First Lab Kits


“Let’s Explore” My First Lab Kit, is a scaled down version of Science experimental kits, adapted from the original “Let’s Explore” range. There are two kits to the series, including the Magnetism and Electricity. Each kit comes with a basic set of components and an Instruction Guide, designed to give first hands-on experience to young learners on fundamental topics in Science. It aims to engage students’ curiosity as they explore amazing Science facts in a fun way and, in the process, learn the skills that scientists use to study and make sense of the world around them.


Learning Outcomes:

- Knowing what a magnet is
- Exploring magnetic attraction and repulsion
- Determining magnetic poles
- Having fun with marble and ring magnets 


Learning Outcomes:

- Building simple electric circuits
- Using a switch in a circuit
- Exploring batteries in series and parallel
- Exploring bulbs in series and parallel
- Testing for conductors and insulators



Two new kits were introduced to add on to the series. One on Volcanic Eruption and the other on Water Filtration. Children get to experience a “volcanic eruption” before their very own eyes while learning about chemical reaction. And children get to understand how to clean muddy water using a simple the water filtration column.



Learning Outcomes:

- Understand how a volcano erupts
- Learn about the effect and impact of a volcanic eruption
- Appreciate the geographic location of Singapore on earth

 After doing the experiments a few times, the coloured Sodium Bicarbonate powder and white Critic powder will be used up. You can replace them with the following items which are commonly found in the kitchen or easily obtainable from the supermarket.

  • Baking powder to replace the coloured Sodium Bicarbonate powder (red food colouring may be added to enhance it).
  • Vinegar to replace the white Citric Acid powder.

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand simple mechanical filtration of water
- Develop a greater appreciation for the clean water we get
   through our taps
- Learn the importance of keeping waterways clean

Through these kits and others to come, it is hoped that the children will eventually, develop positive attitudes and a passion for learning Science.


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