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Fire Tornado Lamp



The design of the lamp takes inspiration from a natural phenomenon, the “fire tornado”. It creates a fire vortex to conjure a magnificent flame that gives an intense vibrant light. The “fire tornado”, an elongated spiraling flame is contained within a glass tube with an opening at the top end.

The Designer, Dr. Her-Mann Tsai has dedicated his life and career to accelerating the process of innovation and inventions. He is a fellow of the Science Centre Singapore and also teaches in the Singapore Management University. A prolific innovator himself, Dr Tsai has published over 120 articles, holds 4 patents, co-edited a book on flow control, and authored the book, “Invent: It’s in You”. His fire tornado cauldron invention housed the Olympic flame for the inaugural Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

At present, the fire tornado lamp can only be purchased at our Curiosity Shop (physical store at Science Centre).

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