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Sketches of Science 


This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:

17 September 2013 to 22 November 2013  

Hall A, Science Centre Singapore

Typical time required:
45 minutes

Admission Charges to Science Centre applies.


Sketches of Science

The exhibition “Sketches of Science” Photo Sessions with Nobel Laureates, comprises 50 photographic portraits of Nobel Laureates taken over a course of several years by German photographer Volker Steger. These portraits are complemented with interviews, videos and digital presentations of the Nobel Laureates and their discoveries. The Laureates photographed for this project work within the fields of physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine. The majority of them were awarded their prizes in recent decades, although some Laureates from the 1960s and 1970s are also included.  

Central Idea

All Laureates are asked to draw their research or invention which got them the Nobel Prize. Then, they are photographed – freestyle. The resulting pictures show surprised people, who haven’t had time, really, to polish their pictures or burnish their reputations. No aides or colleagues were on hand to help, no slides, no Powerpoint: these people had been ambushed! Yet the subjects mostly look very pleased, happy to share their knowledge and understanding with a wider audience.



Sketches of Science

Sketches of Science is a light-hearted look at Nobel Laureates and their research. It showcases ground breaking science research, the Laureates as inspiring personalities, the paths they took in their careers as scientists as well as how they communicate their ideas to the public.


Educators Preview and Meet the Laureate session 

Educators Preview and Meet the Laureate session with Sir Tim Hunt on Tuesday, 17 September with a guided preview of the exhibition and activities. More details here:

Specially developed complementary programmes

Specially developed complementary programmes for a range of student ages. You can book for a free guided tour with fun Science demonstrations like Hydrophobia? Or C is for Carbon. Students can learn from talks by scientists (e.g.What did Nobel laureates do when they were young?, The Rainbow Laser, Taking a look at really small stuff - atoms and molecules - using a needle's tip) or attend full workshops. More details are found here

Free admission for Pre-registered school groups

Pre-registered school groups from all Singapore schools will have free admission into Science Centre to view the exhibition. In addition schools can claim transport costs for their groups visiting this exhibition. Find out more and book your programmes at our website: or using our booking form:

Syllabus Links

Syllabus links to the work of the Nobel laureates:

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