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An Exhibition Exploring Nature's Design

This exhibition is closed.


The Annexe 

Typical time required:
30 minutes

It has been said that Nature is the greatest of all inventors; as such many inventors and scientists actually study nature for inspiration to solving their various problems.  In this exhibition, visitors are invited to join us in exploring nature’s design. 



Robot Zoo

Explore the complex mechanics of animal robots to discover how real animals work.  Machinery in the robot animals simulates the body parts of their real-life counterparts.  Muscles become pistons, intestines become filtering pipes and brains become computers. Robot Zoo is a 700 square metre exhibition.


Tinkering Space

Embrace the DIY spirit in electronics, papercraft, robotics and other crafts inside this section and explore STEM in a very personal way. 

This family friendly space highlights innovation, creativity and resourcefulness! Be inspired and influenced to adopt a DIY approach to things, instead of passively consuming them.   





The seed collection is displayed to highlight the science of seed carving which has been practiced in China for centuries and is still being praised for turning useless fruit stones into valuable works of art. Find out the  cultural considerations as to why these seeds were used to convey certain messages.


3 Components in the One Space

In Robot Zoo, you can appreciate the biomechanics in animals, the beauty and simplicity in nature’s designs in the many animals featured. 

With Seeds, you will how master craftsmen utilise the form and structure of various seeds to express their own creativity by carving on these seeds. A glance into how men could also contribute to nature’s beauty.

And finally at Tinkering, you get to apply what you have seen in designing some creations of your own!

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